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I have not been on here for some while. My husband had a transplant August, 2011 he came out of hospital December 2011. He is very slowly improving, he goes to clinic every 3 weeks. creatine still not stable but the consultant not worrying too much now because goes up one week and then another it goes down, The kidney is about 76 years, so they think this could be the reason.
We have had all our benefits except ESA stopped. But he feels he could not do a full time job only maybe part time work, but how can we afford to live on £105. p.w.? We having been using our savings to top up our income, but now they are drying up.
The consultant as given us letters to say he is not capable of full time work and also his GP is backing us, but the DHS say there is nothing else for us. worked in the steal industry all his life only ever had 2 jobs, worked up to the day he had his PD tube fitted but could not carry on working due to heavy lifting and being very dirty work. He would have to be re trained for a job, be able to go to clinic every 3 weeks, so who will employ him? We were told if you get a job 'tomorrow' your benefits will stop 'tomorrow' but by next week you dont feel well enough to work and have to stop working, you are back to square one trying to claim.......so what is the answer?

Please help.

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