Автор Тема: Recommended budget dedicated server host for personal stuff/experiments?  (Прочитано 69 раз)

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After a few happy years at webfaction, I'm itching for a change. This time I'd like to experiment with hosting my own OpenVZ/LXC/Docker system on top of a dedicated/bare metal server. For now this isn't going to host anything mission critical or sensitive, so if I screw up security it's not really an issue.Is there a host out there that would provide a cheap (~$10/month) yet decent dedicated server? I'm not looking for anything high performance, but it should be able to run Postgres, nginx, python/node/ruby/whatever, perhaps a wordpress installation or two without glaring speed issues. As you can probably tell I'm really new to this sysadmin business, but I hope that I will learn a thing or two. I don't want to mess with Docker and co, just the experience of setting up single-app linux machines (in the sense that one container would contain an entire app for simplicity, web server, db, storage etc).My understanding is that I'd get a real server of my own, a linux distro, an ssh root login and perhaps a control panel if I really screw things up, then I'm on my own.Thoughts?

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